Peter C. Vincer, Jr.

Possessing an entrepreneurial mentality and a distinguished career in the equipment service management industry, Mr. Vincer’s successes and expertise are founded on a passion for affecting positive change. He blends his technical knowledge, industry relationships, strategic planning,  with zest for client advocacy to lead a team or project to achieve specified goals. He  is a troubleshooter, strategist and change “catalyst” that is able to assess an organization’s environment, processes and culture, and develop strategies and communications necessary for driving accountability and financial improvements..

Since 2008, Mr. Vincer has provided consulting services in healthcare, state government, financial institutions, and the education sectors. He has focused recently on healthcare related industries, having provided a variety of customized programs in this field since 1984. Currently serving in the capacity of President and CEO of ESP Global LLC, Mr. Vincer has implemented an assessment process that efficiently identifies operational and financial improvements. Unlike many consultative organizations, Mr. Vincer specializes in implementing the changes to ensure client realization of the prospective value propositions.

Mr. Vincer has been challenged throughout his career while navigating his organizations through economic downturns and acquisitions, mostly while competing with Fortune 100 companies. During his tenure, he was consistently recognized for his success in growing revenues with above average financial performance.

Mr. Vincer’s knowledge of the workings within the equipment maintenance industry, and his uncanny ability to establish compromises, allows him to negotiate “win-win” outcomes between suppliers and his clients. Mr. Vincer understands the needs of the supplier community and maintains relationships on multiple levels to maintain his “edge”. He is commonly sought out for strategic advice from the industry and is thought of as one of the “thought leaders” in the equipment service field.

As US hospitals struggle to deal with economic uncertainty, Mr. Vincer is poised to position organizations for sustained economic improvement. His talents and expertise will assist organizations in improving relationships with suppliers who have had tendencies for inflexibility. His current equipment service consulting model impacts “all” types and brands of equipment. ESP Global is not committed to any particular company or solution and each client realizes their own customized service acquisition strategy based on criteria such as history, culture, timing and financial goals.

Mr. Vincer can be contacted at:
Office: (704) 733-9355
Mobile: (414) 803-5285

I was thoroughly impressed with the process. Could not have done it without these guys!”


1,200 bed healthcare network in Pennsylvania

Not only did they manage our RFP process, but they have remained a tremendous resource beyond our initial engagement.”


Imaging center chain in Arizona

These guys are good! …especially with difficult or delicate situations!”

Hospital Administrator

Hospital in Southern California

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